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Insider Tip from Lexi Franzen, Teller
Does the Coronavirus have you in a funk?  It's changed a lot of our normal day-to-day activities.  I miss seeing our customers in the bank, but one of the best tools we have to make your life simpler is our mobile app.  One of my favorite features of the mobile app is the ability to make a deposit right from my phone.  
If you have never used the app, don't be intimidated, give it a try!  It's easy and we can walk you through getting started.  Check out the video below with step-by-step instructions on how to make a deposit right from your phone!
 Want to get your Coronavirus Relief Check? Scammers Do too!
US Treasury Check
You’ve probably heard the news by now – the government is sending out relief checks as part of the federal response to the Coronavirus. Scammers heard the same thing, and they’re hoping to cash in on yours.