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Business Loans

Almost all businesses require some sort of financing at one time or another and for a variety of reasons.

At Flatwater Bank, we offer loans for every situation. Beyond competitive rates and terms, we offer a loan officer assigned to understanding your business and providing the exceptional service your company deserves.

Our business loans include:

  • Lines of Credit
    To provide you with short-term working capital, Flatwater Bank can structure flexible revolving lines of credit. Uses include meeting seasonal sales fluctuations, taking advantage of discounts and covering shortfalls in cash flow. Terms and conditions will be customized for your specific business needs.

  • Term Loans
    If you are in need of longer-term capital, a term loan may be structured to match your cash flow with the life of the asset. Uses include acquiring new fixed assets such as equipment, purchasing a new business, or funding permanent working capital as a result of increased sales.

  • Real Estate and Construction Loans
    If you are looking to expand, refinance or acquire new property, Flatwater Bank offers both interim construction loans and permanent real estate financing.