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Personal Savings

Your Future Starts Here.

Saving is important for your future.  At Flatwater Bank, our savings options provide the foundation for all your savings needs.

What are you saving for? Let us help find the right account for you.
A traditional savings account is still a great way to meet your financial goals. The convenience, flexibility, and liquidity of this account attracts a diverse population of customers.

This Account Features:
  • $50.00 Minimum Balance1
  • No Limit on Number of Deposits
  • Maximum of 12 Withdrawals Per Quarter2
  • Pays a Great Rate! Interest Calculated Using Daily Balance Method, Compounded and Credited Quarterly
  • Online & Mobile Banking

To sign up for a savings account, apply now or stop by the bank.

1 During any quarterly period in which the balance falls below $50.00, the account will be subject to a $9.00 quarterly maintenance fee. (If you are a minor the fee will only apply if your average collected balance falls below $10.00).
2 An activity fee of $1.00 will be charged for each non-ATM withdrawal exceeding twelve (12) per quarter. These twelve (12) withdrawals include regular withdrawals, transfers, and electronic debits.
Every time you make a purchase with your Flatwater Bank Visa Debit Card, we'll "Round Up" your purchase amount to the next whole dollar amount of your choice up to $10.  The amount in excess of the purchase price is transferred from your checking account to the savings account assigned as your Round-Up Savings Account.*
Make a purchase, round up, save the difference.
* Round-up amounts will accumulate for one transfer to your savings account per day.  Plus, a summary of your Round-up Savings will show on your checking account statements each month.

Frontier Money Market Accounts Offer:

  • FREE Online Banking
  • Competitive Interest Rate 1 that Increases with Higher Balances
  • FREE Withdrawals: 6 Per Statement Cycle 2
  • Low Opening Deposit: $50 Minimum
  • $10 Monthly Maintenance Fee Waived when you maintain a daily balance of $1,0003
  • ID Theft Assistance
  • Consumer Loan Rate Discount: 0.25%4
  • Additional Premium Rate on CD: +0.50%5
1 Interest is accrued daily on the balance of collected funds and added to the account monthly.
2 An activity fee of $3 will be charged for each withdrawal exceeding six (6) that are made from an account during each monthly statement period.
3For any day that the balance of collected funds in your account falls below $1,000, a $10.00 maintenance fee will be assessed for that monthly statement cycle.
4 For new loans only. Requires automatic debit on loan.
5 For new CDs only, excludes CD specials.
The holiday season can be an expensive time of year. With that in mind, Flatwater Bank offers a special Christmas Club Savings Account. This account is designed for customers to make any deposits throughout the year to save for holiday expenses.

Features of the Christmas Club Savings Account include:
  • Pays a Great Rate!
  • Any Dollar Amount Can Be Deposited
  • Interest is Credited Annually (October 31st) and Checks are Mailed (Balance of Account) the 1st Business Day of November.
  • No Withdrawals are Allowed
  • No Service Charges
We would like to assist with taking an active role in your child or grandchild's financial journey.  Visit our Youth Savings page to learn more.

  • Exclusive Invites to Flatwater Bank Events
  • High Yielding
  • Opportunities for Gifts and Prizes