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Online & Mobile Services

Online Banking & Our Mobile App

Use one simple login to access Flatwater Bank's Online Banking or Mobile App with a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It's the branch that never closes with 24/7 access.
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Benefits & Features:

Signing up is easy and best of all, it's FREE!

If you currently have a username and password to access online banking or our mobile app, you are all set!  

If you do not have login information, our enrollment process will take you to a secure form where we'll ask for information to verify your identity and get you set up with a username and password.  This can be used to login to online banking OR the mobile app. 

Once you are registered select "login" on the menu bar at www.flatwater.bank or download our app to get started.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call (308-537-7181) or email us.

Download the Flatwater Bank Mobile App for your Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

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If you already use Flatwater Bank Online Banking, download the app and login using your existing username and password.  Once logged in, you'll see your account(s).  The app will look just like Flatwater Bank Online Banking.

There are many ways to make payments or move money using the Flatwater Bank mobile app.  Options include:

Pay Bills using Bill Pay:
With Flatwater Bank Bill Pay you can use Online Banking or our Mobile App to pay your bills quickly, easily, and securely. No more spending money on writing checks and buying stamps!
  • Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Schedule a One-time Payment or an Automatic Recurring Payment for Each Payee
  • Check Your Pending Payments and View Payment History for all Your Merchants
To use Bill Pay you'll need to be registered for Online Banking. If you are currently an Online Banking user, login and select 'Move Money' from the main menu to get started.

Transfer Money to Family or Friends Using Person-to-Person Payments (P2P):
Whether you're paying a friend for picking up the bill at lunch or sending money to a child at college, person to person payments are secure, instant, and free.  Learn about P2P here.

Transfer Money Using External Account Transfers:
With external account transfers, you can move money between accounts at different financial institutions (you are required to be the owner of both accounts).  This is often referred to as A2A (account to account) or M2M (me to me).  Learn about  A2A here.
Whether you're paying a friend for picking up the bill at lunch or sending money to a child at college, person to person payments are secure, instant, and free.  Learn about P2P here.
A more convenient way to make deposits.

Life is busy, so the days of having to go to the bank to make a deposit is long gone.  Learn how to deposit to your account from your mobile app here.
A Faster, Easier and More Secure Way to Pay.

With digital wallets you can make purchases with your mobile device and your Flatwater Bank VISA® debit card.  It's convenient, free, and secure. 
Your card information is available on your mobile device, so you don't have to carry your card with you.  Just add it to the digital wallet already on your mobile device or download the app in your app store.  
Digital Wallets provide a safer way to pay because your card number is never shared with the merchant. To protect you and your card information, the card number and personal information are not actually stored on the phone.  Your card number is only used to set up your digital wallet.
Depending on your mobile device you will be required to authenticate yourself using a PIN, passcode, facial recognition or your fingerprint to make purchases, adding an additional layer of security.