close up photo of person tapping their Flatwater Bank Visa debit card on a card reader at a check out.

Contactless Cards

Tap to Pay:  Simple and Secure

What are contactless payments?
Contactless payments work a lot like mobile wallets.  A card transaction is completed by simply holding or tapping the card on a contactless-enabled card reader.
How to tap to pay
1.  Look for the contactless symbol on the credit or debit card you are using.

2.  Look for the contactless symbol on the card reader to terminal.
3.  When prompted, "tap" or bring your card or mobile device within a few inches of the contactless symbol on the checkout terminal.   Your payment is securely processed in seconds.  On your payment is confirmed you're good to go!
Watch this video to learn more about tap to pay:
Contactless Card Security
Contactless cards are just as secure as chip cards at a chip-enabled register and they're even more secure than magnetic stripe payments.  Each contactless transaction creates a unique, one-time code or password.  This helps reduce security risks since the code can't be used again and it can only be read by the card-processing network.

What happens if I lose my contactless card?
You should report your card lost as soon as possible (whether it's contactless or not).