Corn field during the day

Bryan Trimble

Bryan Trimble, Ansley Branch Manager, standing in front of cornstalks

Q. What is your experience in the financial and ag industry? How many years have you been with Flatwater Bank?

A. I have accumulated 43 years in the banking industry and have been at the Flatwater Bank Ansley location for 4 years.

Q. What are your job responsibilities?

A. My responsibilities include managing our Ansley branch facility and staff. I also act as a Loan Officer for our community. While I primarily deal with ranching & farm loans, I'm also experienced in personal loans for individuals, mortgage lending, and business loans.

Q. Do you have any advice for young producers just getting started?

A. I'd suggest to always do your background on both your lender and the bank. The forged relationship with them should offer a valuable perspective. I'd also encourage them to surround themselves with experts in their field with substantial knowledge of their industry.

Q. We live in a digital world, but how can customers still benefit from working with a local loan officer?

A. There is definitely value in having a strong relationship and open dialogue with an expert that makes time for you. Technology combined with a valuable relationship gives a customer the best of both worlds. Its within interactions and talking about past experience that knowledge can be extended.

Q. What are trends you anticipate for the ag industry in the year ahead?

A. I anticipate producers continuing to seek out lower cost inputs while analyzing sector profitability and utilizing technology to drive efficiency to the bottom line.

Q. How would customers describe you?

A. I believe that customers would describe me as enthusiastic, innovative, and caring.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

A. I enjoy managing my family farm, attending my grandkids' events, and hunting or golfing in my free time.