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Our new address is https://flatwater.bank
Please update your bookmarks to our new URL.


The link to www.gothenburgstatebank.com is no longer valid and will be going away soon! 


Questions you may have about .bank:

Why are you using the .bank domain?
The .bank domain is exclusively for banks.  .Bank is a trusted, verified, more secure, and easily-identifiable location on the internet for financial institutions.  Only banks and bank related organizations are eligible for the .bank domain.  We take the security of our customers’ information very seriously and therefore chose to take this extra step to give customers peace of mind when banking with us online.  

What benefit does this provide to me?
When you access a .bank domain, you can be assured you are visiting our legitimate bank website on a secure connection.  Cyber criminals will be unable to duplicate our website on a similar .bank domain, keeping our digital branch more secure.

Why haven't other banks started using .bank?
The security of our customers' information is a top priority at Flatwater Bank.  Just as we invest in security systems at our physical locations, we are also making the same investments for our digital branch.  We are committed to being a leading bank, utilizing new technology to keep your private information safe.