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Your finances don't have to be.  We are committed to sharing news, education and resources with you.  Below are some of our most recent discussions.

Is Your Medicare Advantage Plan Not Working for You?
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Here is Your Checklist for 2022
Thinking About College? Start Planning Now.
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If You Could Save Thousands on Your Home Loan, Would You?
Child Tax Credit Payments Start July 2021 - December 2021. Do You Qualify?
Is Now the Best Time to Buy a Home?
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Life Insurance: Do You Have Enough?
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Take Advantage of Today's Low-Interest Rate Environment Before it Ends.
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Looking for Help Easing Your Property Tax Burden?
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One Size Doesn't Fit All When it Comes to Claiming Social Security Benefits
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Investing for Retirement using Your Health Savings Account
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Roth Conversions: What You Need to Know
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Are Your Children Prepared to Inherit Your Wealth?
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Be a CyberSecurity Champion!
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Read insights from Jessie McNally on being Cybersecure.
Caring for a Family Member with Alzheimer's
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Will Rahjes, Financial Advisor
The Secure Act of 2019-
How it Impacts You Today
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Nathan Wyatt, Financial Advisor