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Estate Planning

Create a Clear Vision for Your Estate

Deciding how your wealth will be passed on can be a complicated matter. We will work closely with you and other professionals – including attorneys, charities, tax professionals, and other advisors to ensure that your estate plan addresses your goals.

We provide expert guidance and a range of services to help you create a clear plan. Whether you want to safeguard your existing wealth or make plans for the next generation, our advisors will work with you to understand – and help to identify – your individual and family goals.

Estate planning can be an emotionally and financially complex task. Younger family members may face unique challenges when they assume leadership in managing your family’s wealth. We can help them to prepare for their new roles by making sure that your governance structure is clearly articulated and that all members understand your goals.

We specialize in estate planning strategies for farmers, business owners, and individuals. Our team will help you consider:
  • How to minimize federal and state estate taxes
  • Strategies for proving financial support for surviving spouse or children
  • Passing on wealth between heirs when a business or large asset is involved
  • Identify common pitfalls of estate planning