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Unclaimed Nebraska Property

Do You Have Unclaimed Nebraska Property?
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Have you recently received a letter from the State Treasurer noting you have unclaimed property in Nebraska? In today's world, it might be hard to tell if the letter you've received is a scam, but there is one way to check if it's legitimate - perform an unclaimed property search.
What is unclaimed property? Examples of unclaimed property include insurance claim payments, security deposits, wages, vendor payments, utility deposits, contents of safe deposit boxes, stocks, miscellaneous outstanding checks, bonds, gift certificates, dormant checking or savings accounts, and rebates. Unclaimed property does not include land, taxes, or motor vehicles.
The process of searching for, and claiming, unclaimed property is surprisingly simple. In Nebraska, it all starts at the Nebraska State Treasurer's unclaimed property website. Simply type your name, or your business’s name into the search and follow the step by step instructions to submit your claim.
Each state administers their own unclaimed property division, typically through the State Treasurer’s office. If you have lived in multiple states, it would be a good idea to search for unclaimed property on each respective state’s unclaimed property website.
What is the best way to prevent my property from becoming lost or unclaimed?
The best way to keep your property from becoming lost or abandoned is to keep detailed account records so you know where all your money is and reach out to the holders on a regular basis. Be sure to promptly update your accounts if your address, phone number, name, or marital status changes. Electronic account management can simplify this process, so choose it when available.
Should I hire a finder to conduct the search?
It is always free to search and file claims for unclaimed property. There are many 3rd party services that will search for and file claims for unclaimed property on your behalf but be aware of the fees associated with doing so. The cost of hiring one of these firms is typically a percentage of the property’s value, which can add up quickly. Our team is happy to assist you with finding your lost or abandoned property at no additional cost.
We recommend that even if you don't receive a letter from the State Treasurer in the mail, you should still take a few minutes to search for unclaimed property in the state's database. Our team is here if you have questions or need assistance claiming your property.