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Transition to LPL Financial

Our Transition to LPL Financial


We want to take this opportunity to announce a significant transition we will be making at the Investment Service Center. After careful consideration, we are excited to transition our broker-dealer services from Securities America, our current broker-dealer, to LPL Financial. Securities America is transitioning to Osaic Wealth, Inc.; however, our office is not making this transition. We rely extensively on our broker-dealer relationship to assist our office with necessary back-office transactions and regulatory compliance. This decision was made with the intention of enhancing the services we provide to you. We have conducted extensive research and due diligence to ensure that LPL Financial aligns with our values, commitment to excellence, and dedication to your financial well-being.

LPL Financial is one of the leading broker-dealer firms in the industry, known for its commitment to excellence, integrity, and client-focused service. We believe this move will enhance the quality of our services and allow our team access to a broader range of investment options and resources.

Depending on your type of account(s) with our office, Securities America is required to send numerous communications regarding both transitions.

NO ACTION REQUIRED from mailing from Securities America, Inc:
If you wish to maintain your relationship with the Investment Service Center, there will not be any necessary action you are required to take as a result of any communications mailed directly from Securities America regarding their transition to Osaic or our transition to LPL Financial.

When necessary, our office will contact you directly to complete any required paperwork. Your prompt attention to our request for signatures is appreciated and will ensure that we can transition your account(s) without disruption of service.

Following the transition, LPL Financial will be listed as the firm with which we are associated. Although account numbers may change, your accounts will be managed by us just as they have, and your fees and all other aspects of our relationship will remain the same.

Continuing to put your first.
You can and should continue to expect the same great service and support you rely on us for today as your financial partner.  Though you will notice changes as part of this evolution, our commitment to you and your financial goals remains stronger than ever.  

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us at 308-537-7577, email us at, or book an appointment at


See additional Q & A Below.

As you know, our industry is highly regulated and most communications you receive from Securities America or LPL Financial are required disclosures.

Although we hope you continue to work with our office, we are required to give you the option to remain a customer of Securities America (eventually Osaic). 

Some communications are required to be mailed at the household (mailing address) level, while others to need to be mailed to each individual with an account. Therefore, each household may experience duplicate mailings.

We encourage you to read this notifications; however, if you wish to continue to work with our office, there will be no action required for the mailings from Securities America or LPL Financial. Our office will reach out to you directly (phone, email, etc.) as we complete the transition.
Most accounts will not experience a fee to switch. On any accounts that have a closing charge, our office will reimburse you for the charges.
The Allbridge system will be unavailable for several months and we  will need to re-establish login credentials when it's re-activated.

Our goal is to have account history transition to your new account.
Depending on account type, the transition could take up to three (3) weeks for individual accounts to be transferred once you have signed paperwork from our office. Our office will contact you when we are ready to complete the paperwork/transition.

In the meantime, if you have not completed the necessary account transfer paperwork with our office and you need to make account transactions, we may need you to participate in a conference call with our office to complete transactions we normally would have been able to handle in-house.