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Did you know that our mobile app has many alerts you can use to help manage your finances?  If you've never used the mobile app, you can get more information and download it here.  You can set-up alerts by logging into the app, select "Menu", then select "Manage Alerts" from the menu, and either choose an alert or set one up (custom).   
To set up a custom alert, select + "My Alerts" and select "Custom". Next, select the account you would like the alert used for. 
A few of my favorite alerts are:  

Debit - This alert can be used to send you a message anytime your account balance is reduced (debited). You set the dollar amount (i.e. any debit greater than $50), and what time of day you would like to receive the alert.  
Available Balance -  Set this up to get a notification of your balance.  Select the frequency and time of day you would like to receive the alert.  This is a great feature to help monitor your account balance and avoid unwanted fees. 
Low Balance - A similar alert is a "low balance alert".  This alert be used to send a notification if your account balance falls below a certain amount.  
For any alert, you can receive the alert via email or a text message.  
While in the alerts, be sure to check out the security alerts available as well.  I like to encourage all users to turn "On" the notifications for security question, user password, or email address changed.  This is a great way to monitor if someone has gained access  to your account and will send you an immediate notification.