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Switch Kit

If you think it’s going to be a hassle to switch from your current financial institution to Flatwater Bank, we have great news! At Flatwater Bank, we make it easy for you to change your checking account. So easy in fact, we will do it for you! Simply open and print these forms and return signed copies to either of our locations.

Our quick and easy switch kit forms include the following:

New Account Application: This includes the necessary information for us to open an account for you. Complete the new account application indicating the type of account(s) you wish to open. In order to apply, each applicant must also have a valid Driver’s License or other picture ID and a social security card or valid proof of a tax identification number.

Direct Deposit: If you are currently using direct deposit, this is a form authorizing our bank to switch your direct deposit to Flatwater Bank.

Financial Funds Transfer Request: Fill out this form to transfer funds from your existing bank account to your new Flatwater Bank account.

Automatic Payment: Use this form to send written notice to the companies that automatically withdraw payments from your bank account. This notifies them of the change in your banking relationship. You can also use it for new vendors if you wish to begin automatic payments.

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