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Financial Education

Gothenburg State Bank is committed to increasing the financial literacy of our customers and community. Click on any of the topics below for tips on good money management. Share what you learn with your children and grandchildren. When it comes to money management skills, learning can never begin too early.

Gothenburg State Bank is excited to announce a new initiative to help local high schools students learn about financial literacy. Gothenburg State Bank has underwritten the cost of the EverFi™ Financial Literacy Platform for schools to leverage as part of our commitment to this community and to improving the career readiness of this generation.

Parents' Guide

Teaching Your Kids About Money

It’s not just a nice idea to teach kids how to handle money and credit — it’s essential! Our nation’s teens spend roughly $170 billion a year. Children under 14 are expected to spend some $40 billion annually. Clearly, kids know how to spend. What we need to teach them is how to save, invest and live on a budget. Check out these topics:

Keys to Financial Health

Understanding and Using Credit



Protecting Your Financial Identity

Start Them Young Little Wranglers, Little Riders, and Super Saver Pioneers