Low Mortgage Rates

If You Could Save Thousands on Your Home Loan, Would You?
Recently, mortgage interest rates have dropped to record lows. We have seen 15-year rates as low as 2.737% APR. If you have a mortgage or know someone who could benefit from this information, we encourage you to reach out. Let us help run the numbers to see what a refinance could save in terms of monthly payment amount or years of payments.

Why do we think refinancing is important? Although we do not provide mortgage lending services, we at the Investment Service Center care about your complete financial picture. The potential savings from refinancing could help you tackle the important stuff, like saving for college or retirement, paying off debt, or setting up an emergency fund.

Get started by uploading a copy of your mortgage statement and we'll do the homework for you!

Not ready to reach out? Here is a calculator you can use to get a quick glance at what a refinance could do.

Again, if you would like us to do an analysis specific to your mortgage, just upload your most recent mortgage statement securely (please don’t email it directly). If you would rather bring your statement to us, click here to schedule an appointment. We are also available by phone. Give us a call at 308-537-7577.