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On May 8th, Gothenburg State Bank will become Flatwater Bank.

Here are some details and answers to your questions. 

Why is Gothenburg State Bank changing its name to Flatwater Bank?
We have grown beyond the local community of Gothenburg and we want our name to carry on the 117-year tradition of Gothenburg State Bank and be inclusive of all the markets served by our great staff. Flatwater Bank – Still Pioneering honors our past, embodies our present, and paves the way for our future.

What does the name Flatwater mean?
  • The name Nebraska is an American Indian term meaning “flat water”.
  • Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.
  • Flatwater is unique; calm and steady as opposed to rapids.
  • Two of our most treasured resources in Nebraska are our water and our people. Flatwater is representative of both. It is how we approach our relationship with our customers and community-slow and steady and always ready to serve.
  • We are proud to continue to be a family owned, community bank with hard working midwestern values.

Did the bank sell or are we merging?
No.  The name change is not the result of being sold or merged with another institution.  You can expect the same great community-focused bank.

What is changing?
For Gothenburg and Brady customers, very little is changing.  You will still see the same friendly staff that has been there for you in the past. Our routing number and account numbers will not change. Our email addresses and website URL, however, will change because of the Bank’s name change.

Will account numbers change?
No, our routing number and account numbers are not changing.

Will my current debit card and checks continue to work?
Yes – all ATM and debit cards and checks will continue to function normally.  As an existing customer, all of your plastic cards will be reissued over time, reflecting the new Flatwater name and brand, free of charge.  When it’s time to reorder your checks, your order will have the new branding on them if you order through our provider Deluxe. 

Will I need to download a new app on my smartphone or tablet?

No.  The app will not need to be redownloaded; It just needs to be updated (if a you have automatic updates this will happen automatically).  The update will have the new name and logo (see image).

Will the bank contact information change?
Phone numbers and mailing addresses for all locations will stay the same.  As of May 8, 2019, the website http://www.gothenburgstatebank.com will be redirected to http://www.flatwater.bank.  Please reset your favorites and bookmarks when this happens.

On the same day, we will also send/receive emails from the .BANKdomain (ex.  mailto:jsmith@flatwater.bank).  For a period of time, emails to @gothenburgstatebank.com will be transferred to the new email address.

Why are you using the .BANK domain?
The .BANK domain is exclusively for banks.  .BANK is a trusted, verified, more secure, and easily-identifiable location on the internet for financial institutions.  Only banks and bank related organizations are eligible for the .BANK domain.  We take the security of our customers’ information very seriously and therefore chose to take this extra step to give customers peace of mind when banking with us online.  

What benefit does this provide to me?
When you access a .BANK domain, you can be assured you are visiting our legitimate bank website on a secure connection.  Cyber criminals will be unable to duplicate our website on a similar .BANK domain, keeping our digital branch more secure.

Why haven't other banks started using .BANK?
The security of our customers' information is a top priority at Flatwater Bank.  Just as we invest in security systems at our physical locations, we are also making the same investments for our digital branch.  We are committed to being a leading bank, utilizing new technology to keep your private information safe.

Will my FDIC Insurance coverage be affected?

No – Flatwater Bank will continue to be a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

When will this change take place?
Legally, our name will change on May 8, 2019.  During the next several months, you’ll see our new logo popping up – on our website, on our building and in our ads. 

What is the new logo?

How can I get more information?

We understand you may have additional questions.  Feel free to stop by any location, or call us for more information at 1-888-537-7181.