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Covid19 Resources

We're Here for You

We're all in this together. Flatwater Bank is ready and able to support clients that have been impacted by the coronavirus.  We plan to work with our customers to find ways we can help.  Talk to us about COVID-19 related issues.  Here are some ways we can help:

  • If you have a hardship that may cause an overdraft, or loan repayment disruption, contact us
  • Providing SBA assistance.  Our loan team is prepared to assist businesses in need in applying for SBA disaster programs
  • Increasing remote deposit limits to ensure customers can deposit checks
  • Waiving early withdrawal penalties for certificates of deposit (CDs) and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for individuals making hardship withdrawals from these accounts

 Those impacted by COVID-19 and in need of assistance are encouraged to call or email one of our bankers.

We expect a new round of stimulus payments to arrive by March 17.  

Who is eligible to receive a payment?
Generally, if you are a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien, you are eligible for the full amount of the third Economic Impact Payment if you (and your spouse if filing a joint return) are not a dependent of another taxpayer and have a valid Social Security number (see exception when married filing jointly) and your adjusted gross income (AGI) on their tax return does not exceed:

  • $150,000 if married and filing a joint return or if filing as a qualifying widow or widower
  • $112,500 if filing as head of household or
  • $75,000 for eligible individuals using any other filing statuses, such as single filers and married people filing separate returns.
Payments will be phased out – or reduced -- above those AGI amounts. This means taxpayers will not receive a third payment if their AGI exceeds:
  • $160,000 if married and filing a joint return or if filing as a qualifying widow or widower
  • $120,000 if filing as head of household or
  • $80,000 for eligible individuals using other filing statuses, such as single filers and married people filing separate returns.
How much is the payment?
The amount is $1,400 for each adult, $2,800 for each married couple, and an additional $1,400 for each qualified dependent claimed on your tax return.

How will I receive my payment? The IRS will use data already in its systems to send the third stimulus payments. Taxpayers with direct deposit information on file will receive the payment that way. Those without current direct deposit information on file will receive the payment as a check or debit card in the mail.

If they don't have your bank information you'll receive a paper check or stimulus debit card via the mail.  
Do I need to take action to receive my stimulus check?
Generally, no.  If you qualify and your banking information and/or mailing information is correct, the stimulus payment will be sent to you either by direct deposit, pre-paid debit card or check.  Visit and use the Get My Payment tool to find out the status of your stimulus payment.  The tool will show if a payment has been issued and whether the payment was sent by direct deposit or mail.

What if I don't get my payment by direct deposit?
People who don't receive a direct deposit should watch their mail for either a paper check or a debit card. To speed delivery of the payments to reach as many people as soon as possible, some payments will be sent in the mail as a debit card. The form of payment for the third stimulus payment may differ from the first two.

People should watch their mail carefully. The Economic Impact Payment Card, or EIP Card, will come in a white envelope prominently displaying the U.S. Department of the Treasury seal. It has the Visa name on the front of the Card and the issuing bank, MetaBank®, N.A. on the back of the card. Information included with the card will explain that this is an Economic Impact Payment. More information about these cards is available at
I received an EIP Debit Card, What do I do?
If you’ve received your payment on a prepaid card, here's how to get started and options to use it.

 Get started:
  • Read the Cardholder Agreement and Fee Schedule
  • Activate your EIP Card account, set your 4-digit PIN, and get your balance by calling 1.800.240.8100
  • Sign the back of your EIP Card
  • Keep your EIP Card number in a safe place
The EIP Cards are mostly free to use and have no monthly maintenance fees. But there are certain card provider fees associated with the cards that consumers need to be aware of.

You may be charged a card provider fee for:

Bank/teller over-the-counter withdrawals. If you withdraw cash directly from a bank teller, your first withdrawal up to $2,500 per transaction and per day, will be free—but additional transactions will cost $5 each.
Out-of-network ATM withdrawals. If you use an out-of-network ATM to withdraw cash from your EIP Card, your first domestic withdrawal will be free, but any withdrawal after that will cost $2. Foreign ATM withdrawals will cost $3 each, including the first transaction. Keep in mind you also may be charged a fee by the ATM operator. You can avoid these fees by using one of the 55,000 AllPoint brand in-network ATMs. To find an in-network ATM, download the Money Network Mobile App, visit or call the customer service number at (800) 240-8100. 

ATM balance inquiries. Most ATMs will ask you if you want to check your card balance before making a withdrawal. However, each time you check your account balance on your EIP card via ATM, you will be charged 25 cents (on both in-network and out-of-network ATMs). You can avoid this charge by checking your account balance online or by calling the Money Network Financial customer service number 1-800-240-8100.

A request for a new card. If you lose your card or it gets stolen, getting a new one will cost you. The standard reissuing fee is $7.50 with a shipping time of seven to 10 days. You can expedite the process via priority shipping for an additional $17 (for a total of $24.50), and your new card will ship within four to seven days.

If you have questions about how to utilize your card and avoid fees, call us at 308-537-7181 and one of our team members will help you review your options. You can learn more about how and where to use your EIP Card at