Picture of street sign in Ansley, Nebraska

Growing Home

The Power of Your Hometown Bank  

SOLD!  In August, the Ansley Investment Group had a reason to celebrate. They had just received a signed purchase agreement on their first spec house.

In  2018, the community of Ansley was excited to learn that they were a finalist for the Innovation/Demonstration Program Grant administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development; however, the final application was denied because the project was located in a flood plain.  That denial led Brian Beaumont and his wife Heidi, owners of Ansley Lumber & Supply, and a local contractor, Dave Larson, to a discussion about ways to get new housing for the community. From there, the idea to form an investment group was proposed.  They figured if the three of them thought it was a good idea, maybe others would as well.

Bryan Trimble, Vice President at Flatwater Bank and Ansley citizen, agreed with their thinking.  He is one of eight initial investors, contributing $10,000 each, who started the Ansley Investment Group. They completed their first home in August.  Trimble says it’s a great example of a group of concerned citizens wanting to make their community better for the long term.  “We decided if it was to be accomplished, we would need to do it ourselves.  We couldn’t wait for government programs or grants to get it done.”  Beaumont agrees, “Everyone in the group wasn’t investing to make money.  Instead, we love our community and want to make sure affordable housing is available for those who want to live here”.  “I don’t know the exact number,” says Beaumont, “but I know many teachers, for example, don’t live in Ansley because there simply isn’t housing.” 

“Ansley is a great rural community,” says Trimble.  “We are centrally located to area towns and businesses for various employment opportunities and have connectivity to three major highways.  Our lower levy and sales tax rates, as well as a great school, are an added bonus to small town living.  Our group wants to do our part to clean up the community and encourage new homeowners to locate here” says Trimble.  The group is looking for ways to develop more homes outside the flood zone so that new homeowners will not be burdened with additional costs.  They also encourage existing landowners to consider selling off lots/acreages with city infrastructure in an effort to improve neighborhoods and create a place where young adults will want to return. 

Flatwater Bank is proud to be a part of the Ansley community and to work with this group of determined citizens.  Thanks for investing in the success of Ansley!