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Egg-Cited About Saving

Easter is quickly approaching.  While you are using Easter to teach your children to celebrate spring or cherish a key holiday of your faith, you can also equip them with a few practical lessons that will help them succeed financially.  Bring your kids to the bank to deposit before April 2nd and we’ll give them a fun egg decorating kit.  

Easter baskets just aren't the same without some candy.  But instead of going all-out on consumables and cool, cheap gifts like coloring books, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and small toys, why not fill a few of those plastic eggs with money?  Teaching your child or grandchild the value of money can't begin early enough.  Not only can they learn to appreciate what money can buy, but that the cash can grow to a larger sum if it's saved.  If you haven't opened up a savings account for them, consider doing it now with their Easter "earnings" as their first deposit.