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Keys to Success

Over the past many months, I have been mentally preparing to send my oldest child off to
college. It is hard for me to believe that she is old enough to be leaving home to begin this
phase of life. The time truly has gone by way too fast!

I was thinking about what to write in this letter and so I decided to write what was on my mind,
as a lot of it ties to banking and the relationships we have with our customers. At Flatwater
Bank, we work to help our customers and community find success.

So, whether you are a parent sending your child off to college, or starting up a new business,
here are some of my thoughts on “keys to success”.

1. Surround yourself with good people! – You will know the good from the bad! I know
I’m biased, but I really think at Flatwater Bank this is one of our true strengths. We have
an amazing team.

2. Set goals! – Keep your focus and remember you can always reach a bit higher!

3. Don’t take any short cuts! – We live in a world of quick and easy. But, when in the race
of life, short cuts aren’t always best.

4. Live a life of integrity! – Always do the right thing, even if it hurts! Again, banking is all
about this. Sometimes the conversations we have with customers (or employees) are not
easy. But, our goal is to put people and relationships first. Always.

5. Celebrate your achievements! - Having fun is important and gets you ready to do it

6. Always have something to look forward to! – Live your life looking out of the front
window, don’t dwell on the mistakes that you can still see in the rearview. Learn and
move on!

I wish good fortune and much success to you, whatever your adventure, AND to all the other
young adults heading to college.



Luke Signiture

Luke Rickertsen

Bank President Luke Rickertsen