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Our New Name:  Flatwater Bank!

We recently announced that we will be renaming to Flatwater Bank.  As you know, Gothenburg State Bank has a rich, 117-year tradition which is why we chose our new name and tagline, "Flatwater Bank - Still Pioneering".  This name reflects our heritage, strengthens our commitment to our valued customers, and enables us to serve new markets. 

What Does Flatwater Mean?  The name Nebraska comes from a term meaning "flat water".  Two of our most treasured resources in Nebraska are our water and our people.  The name Flatwater is representative of both.  It is how we approach our relationship with our customers and communities, steady and always ready to serve. 

Our name is secondary to delivering the outstanding service you have come to expect.  We will remain a family-owned, community bank.  Our name is different, but you will continue to experience outstanding service from the same familiar faces you have come to know and trust.

I’m so proud to be a part of the rich history and tradition established by Gothenburg State Bank and the future of Flatwater Bank.  We recently shared a quote with our staff by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, which I think embodies our name change.  “A brand is a living entity – and is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.”  Our name is different but our mission to enhance the lives of our customers, community and team members is still the same.  Those gestures which have made us successful the past 117 years will continue. 

Still Pioneering!  We still call you by name when you walk in the bank; we still invest in our local schools to ensure that our children are positioned to make smart financial decisions; we still encourage our employees to lead in our community; we will still make a house call for someone who can’t make it to the bank for our assistance; we will still empower our employees to “do the right thing and what is best for our customers”.  We are STILL PIONEERING!  

I am proud to be part of the amazing team we now call Flatwater Bank, and I’m excited for the opportunity for our family and team members to continue the rich tradition established by Gothenburg State Bank.



Luke Signiture

Luke Rickertsen

Bank President Luke Rickertsen